Waxing & Tinting

Trying to look smooth can be a bit painful!  Shaving might be less painful in the short run, but it thickens the hair, making it even stronger and more dense.  With regular visits waxing can eliminate hair growth.


a full range of waxing services using honey strip wax (for normal skin) and tea tree strip wax (for sensitive skin) to ensure no reaction during treatment.  For intimate waxing, a hard stripless wax is used which clings to hair not skin, making it far less painful and far more effective!  Treatments include:

  • Eyebrow      £7
  • Lip/ Chin      £5
  • Half leg        £12
  • Full leg         £20
  • Bikini            From £15
  • Underarm     £10
  • Back/ Chest  from £15

A simple and effective treatment that can make a huge difference.  Eyebrow and eyelash tinting accentuates the eyes and saves you time with your beauty regime in the morning!

Eyebrow tinting: £10

After a skin test to ensure no allergic reactions, an eyebrow tint will accentuate the natural shape of the brow and provide fuller looking eyebrows.

Eyelash tinting: £15

A lash tint will provide more depth and colour to your natural eyelashes.  Even better, you might not need to use mascara, saving valuable minutes in your morning routine!